TV: America, The Story of Us

Recently, my family and I watched on Netflix the History Channel’s America, The Story of Us. I recommend this as an entertaining and inspiring overview of our nation’s birth and progression to present day. As Americans, we do have a story and a history that makes us who we are. The huge challenges we face together today require reflection and humility as well as that pioneering can-do attitude we posses.

We can build stuff and solve problems. But, are we willing to sacrifice? With our economy as it is, where is the visionary leadership that made the Transcontinental Railroad, the Hoover Dam, the Interstate System and shot us all the way to the moon a half dozen times and ended the Cold War? As we bicker over small things we are becoming penny smart and pound foolish. Is bailing out Wall Street even close to these other accomplishments?

If we want to stay a great nation, watch this series and see the sacrifice and hubris required. Do we have that still, or have we lost it?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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