Three family things to do in Temecula, CA

For a quick local trip, us newbies to the Temecula-Murrieta area enjoyed the following:

  • The Temecula Berry Co. blueberry farm where (until July 11) you can pick your own berries right from the vine, enjoy a drink and soak in the incredible weather we have here.
  • Try the Saturday Farmers Market in Old Town Temecula where lumpia, fresh fruit, veggies, and unique items can be purchased. Kettle corn is a favorite but the strawberries and veggies we got today were tops. Matheson’s Food Co. has some amazing sauces that we picked up. Support your local farmers.
  • Of course, you must stop if you are in Old Town at Cafe Bravo where one of the best locally roasted coffees I have ever had can be purchased in the whole bean, or served by one of their gifted baristas. My son, not a coffee drinker, loves the Italian sodas they make. Also, their selection of teas–made hot or iced–are well stocked.

You have any local places to recommend here in SoCal (or from where ever you are)?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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