Worship Recap & Setlist: April 18, 2010 #sundaysetlists

Recap: Mel Grams when he speaks always challenges and blesses our church! We continued the “Plan B” series and this week’s topic was “Am I Too Far to Come Back to God?” which is a question many have.

Set List: The worship music set was filled with cries to God form songs “Came to My Rescue” and “Inside Out” as well as a closer. We do not usually have worship at the end. We are still learning how to close the service. Our song at the end either annoyed the crowd since they wanted to get to the sushi place before their friends or they were still stunned by the Spirit’s move through the message. (Scratching head.)

Did I already say we did a lot of Hillsong United Sunday?

  • Glory to God Forever – Fee Band
  • Marvelous Light – Hillsong United
  • Inside Out – Hillsong United
  • Came to My Rescue – Hillsong United
  • You Gave Your Life Away – Paul Baloche/Kathryn Scott

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How was your worship to God in your fellowship of worship this past weekend?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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