Worship Video, Recap & Set List: March 7, 2010

Recap: This Sunday Britt delivered a message “Pioneers & Settlers” where he taught our church a language to discuss the differences we may have and how we need each other–focus on discipleship versus evangelism, for instance. We need both! Some of us are wired to settle and others to pioneer.

We had some very good news for us shared! Our mortgage loan was extended for a 3-year period, giving us much needed breathing room. I do believe that us praying as a church has surely loosened things for us as far as God providing in this issue.

Ben Cherry and my daughter Emilie did most of the lead singing Sunday. I really enjoyed Ben, and of course its nice to have a team leading when you can.

Set List: The song set was designed around the theme of the beauty and wonder of God with a reading from Psalm 96. Like the writer of this psalm or song, we gave recognition for how God fills us with wonder from the beauty of His works and ways.

  • Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • Glorious One – Fee Band
  • God of Wonders – Casting Crowns
  • Providence – Rich Kirkpatrick (I have the lyrics/song on my Facebook music page)
  • Cannons – Phil Wickham


How was your worship weekend? What did you give or offer in worship? Share you feedback, too!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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