Worship Music Video, Recap & Set List: March 14, 2010 #sundaysetlists

Recap: Jeff Saville, a Navy Chaplain and member of Sunridge, taught Sunday as we continued the study through 1 Thessalonians entitled “Notoriety”.  This Sunday we introduced a couple new tunes to Sunridge and even with the DST (Daylight Savings Time) kicking in we had an energetic group of people offering their worship.

Set List: The central thought in the music set was the idea of how seeking God, spending time in his presence truly changes us. Psalm 34 tells us to seek and that when we do our faces are “radiant”–“tasting and seeing” God’s goodness is one of the very reasons we gather each weekend. We have to put a physical experience to acknowledge the spiritual. In fact, we often forget that they are connected. Think of the line “forever I am changed” from “Majesty” and you get the nut of it.

  • Your Grace Is Enough – Matt Maher
  • Because of Your Love – Paul Baloche
  • Sing Over Your Children – Jason Ingram, Matt Maher
  • Taste and See – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • Majesty – Delirious


Share your thoughts about our worship set, or what happened in your worship services this past weekend.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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