There’s been a murder in my house…no kidding: PART 3 “Thanksgiving!”

murderinmurrieta Thanksgiving is approaching and I would like to extend my series of posts on this (Part 1, Part 2) with the hope in all of this. The victims sister has asked me to pass on the following to our community of Murrieta and my neighborhood:

I would appreciate a message to be passed on to your neighborhood and community. It would mean the world to myself and our entire family. The message is: Our words cannot express how much we appreciate you all. Your cooperativeness in the investigation, your flowers, stuffed animals, candles, words of encouragement and empathy left us speechless. We had to move to get away from the memory of losing Isabelle there so tragically. Please know that we know things no media, no paper, no network, will ever know so we assure you that you are in a safe neighborhood and the murderer that caused our lives to be hell is not amongst you. Be grateful to have the police department you do. Again, our love and thank you’s to all of you. God bless…….  -M

I sure hope my neighbors will read this. I am going to copy this and hand it to as many as I get to meet the next week or so. Thanks does indeed go out to our police force for doing their job. Even though I am not applauding the TV media in the exploitative nature they portrayed things (no surprised there) I am supportive of our local law enforcement for letting us all know that they are working hard to protect us and enforce law and order.

The other thanks is to God for providing us an amazing home in a great neighborhood. I pray that we enjoy and thrive here and bless this block as I know the memory of Isabelle and her surviving children deserves such. Isabelle’s sister let me know how much she and Isabelle enjoyed espresso in the very kitchen that is now ours. I will remember to pray often for the family as I pour many many cups of coffee in the years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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