10 MORE statements that will help you FAIL as a Christian

Last time I did a list like this we had a good conversation, so I have been pondering other statements that make us fail as Christians. Here is a stab at an additional 10.

  1. I cannot possibly change for real.
  2. I do not need the church (or “Church”) to worship or live my life.
  3. Jesus did not mean all the hard stuff he said, it was just “figurative” right?
  4. Being “relevant” is the mission of the local church.
  5. Drinking alcohol is a sin since the Bible teaches that.
  6. If this feel so right then it can’t really be wrong–even if the Bible teaches otherwise.
  7. Walking in the Spirit means working on not sinning.
  8. I “go” to church.
  9. God really is always loving, so all that anger stuff in the Old Testament is “figurative” since God would never do a flood, wipe a race of people away or kill people out of anger.
  10. Our body is not that important in our spiritual life.

Now, let me know if you agree with these or not and why. Can you see scriptures that refute these FAIL statements?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

Writer, Speaker, and Musician. Rich Kirkpatrick was recently rated #13 of the “Top 75 Religion Bloggers” by Newsmax.com, having also received recognition by Worship Leader Magazine as “Editor’s Choice” for the “Best of the Best” of blogs in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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