Saving God: A film that asks ‘can people change?’

I am supportive of movies that encourage positive values and  so I was happy to review Saving God which explores gang issues and Christian themes. Out of a 10 I give that film an overall rating of 5. I think the quality of the production and look of the film as well as the strength of some of the actors anchor this film. The issues, such as drugs and gangs, are a compelling backdrop to a con-turned-preacher in Rev. Armstrong.

Where the movie leaves a bit to be desired is what I see common in Christian film–too much is answered for the viewer. The dialog in this way at times appears less about telling a story and more about preaching to the audience. With Rev. Armstrong’s stinging words to a TV preacher “ministry is not an opportunity its an obligation” we are hearing something obviously preachy. Also, characters seem to make huge jumps with little struggle and in a couple cases do things that make little sense.

The basic idea of this film is strong enough to not have to fill in all the blanks. I would have been drawn in more deeply with more about Rev. Armstrong’s past, for instance. What this film shows is that Christian films are improving, however. If the story telling improves as well as the production there is no stopping these guys. (The official movie website).

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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