American Idols Live Concert: A family experience

My family enjoyed the American Idols Live concert in Ontario last night. What was interesting is that this concert’s demographics included: middle-aged single ladies with Adam Lambert signs, kids with parents, a scattering of teens and an interesting number of people well over 50-60 screaming like they are teens themselves.

American Idol seems to have ignited some oldies from Led Zeppelin to Journey. Dueling pianos with Scott and Matt added interest. The volume was not loud enough to cover the screams of girls of all ages. My girls loved screaming for Danny.  Adam was as glamorous and shouty as I expected. Kris Allen looked smaller in person!

My son began enjoying the show more as we got to the top 5 singers. And the finale with Journey’s “Can’t Stop Believing” even got Ethan and I to join my ladies standing and clapping. The mirror balls were a bit corny, but corny worked well in this environment, reminding me of the skating rink in Jr. High School. The Ontario, CA concert was a family experience. That was surely a cool thing. **UPDATE: I am quoted in Press Enterprise blog. Was fun to follow Vanessa Franko’s live commentary on twitter (@pecom_audiofile) Here is a recap Vanessa gives on the event.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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