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[Wonder why blogging has been slow? I spent the weekend in Redding, CA with some very special people.] I am ending my trip to Redding, CA after sitting in airports waiting for fog to lift to get back home and even experiencing an airport terminal evacuation. Travel this week was about friends.  I was able to spend most of my time at the Miller’s home and enjoy them while showing support as well. Randy and Kristyn are truly an inspiration. Randy is a family man, concrete contractor and guy in the church worship team who ended up in a cutting edge band (The Myriad) touring the US and on MTV! His battle with cancer is just beginning, but being the toughest dude I know and a person of faith I see God healing him.  That, and the thousands praying for him add to an amazing story of God’s grace and the best of Christianity being expressed.

One cool thing was that I got to see every guy in the men’s groups I started–some were just for moments, but to see these guys thrive filled me up. I visited The Stirring for worship, where my friends the Millers worship and see an effective and growing ministry to this next generation. Serendipitously, I ended up playing piano in the worship band at Neighborhood Church Sunday night–Neighborhood is my former ministry of several years and I was glad to support their efforts. They were announcing the pledges for their building expansion last night.

Between events, my friend and guitar shredder Jim Sletner and his wife were so gracious to shuttle and host me as was my former intern Zach Tanksley. Seeing them and other very special people like the Kerrs and the ever inspirational Garth Schmeck made this worth coming. My trip ended with a coffee with old boss and good friend Erich at Yaks downtown right before heading back to SoCal.

It has been beyond a year now that our family moved from Redding.  Going back to visit reminded me of how much I miss the people and even the smell of the trees. (By the way, not very many trees in SoCal.) It also reminded me of how much these wonderful people shaped me and the best of me today is partly their fault. Some of these people are lifer friends. I would not want it any other way.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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