The training of young worship leaders…how we can do more

Denise Collins is a young adult worship leader who lives in Northern California.  To my amazement, she encouraged me the other day with a note about how being in my ministry as a young person inspired her and in some way helped her become the worship leader she is today as a 26-year-old woman.  That just rocks! Denise writes the following as a contributor to the Tehilla Music blog:

Growing up in the church I had great opportunity to glean and learn how to identify the giftings God had given me and begin the journey of shaping and growing them for His pleasure. My journey took shape through music and it became clear very quickly that the music that brought me joy was that which brought a smile to God’s face. From junior high through college I sought out those opportunities to learn what true worship is and struggle through the question of what God wanted from me in this area. At times I felt that there was ample guidance from my church, while at others I felt that it could have done more to train and encourage me in my journey.

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Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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