Record Label EMI attempts to compete directly with iTunes &

Record companies that actually have competition directly with or iTunes might work, according to Matt Rosoff–the key using cross marketing.  His CNET blog How an EMI ‘portal’ could work says.

Users will google an EMI artist like–just to pick an example at random–A Perfect Circle. Instead of directing them to a boring alphabetical list with a link to the band’s MySpace page, users could land on a label-owned page with actual songs and videos and CDs, both free and for sale. Once there, EMI might intelligently discern that a fan who likes A Perfect Circle might also like Korn and Iron Maiden, two other metal bands with recordings on EMI, and offer those recordings for sale as well.

We see many desparate attempts by labels to recover from the death of the CD.  Will this idea work?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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