We remember 9/11: something that brought us together for just a moment

We remember this one day that brought our very diverse and large nation together for a moment.  Crisis can do that.  As has been shown, the real fruit was a nation as divided as ever.  Our character as a people cannot be based on our dream for materialism, entitlement or selfishness. The hope is that we can dream of something beyond ourselves that is greater than ourselves.  We cannot yet do this.  “May God thy gold refine…” needs to be our prayer.  In order to have us be together for more than a moment, we need to be refined.

Our economic woes are not a punishment from God, but perhaps a blessing in disguise.  Maybe we can learn humility and be amazed at how much we really have with our freedom.  Those of us as Christians might then really be arguing on how we can help each other and the world rather than fight each other and the world.

What is your prayer for our nation on this day of remembrance?

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Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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