Firestorm update for us in Temecula…still a lot of smoke is all


Don’t worry mom, we are safe! The above picture is from my office this morning.  The biggest news in our little valley is smoke and the refugees you see parked in RVs at the mall and other places. Our local high schools are evacuation centers since we are a relatively close distance to those in northern San Diego Country who are victims of the firestorms.  You can check on Google Maps to see useful maps and information about the fires and evacuation centers.  Here are some things buzzing here in town:

  • The city had to actually dispel rumors of local evacuations in the Red Hawk area.  These rumors were false and almost caused our youth group to cancel.
  • The smoke is bad enough to burn eyes and cancel school, so you see a lot of kids OUTSIDE playing since they are bored from being out of school.
  • Our town has been insulated from this disaster in that we were not hit in any direct way other than the refugee overflow and the smoke. Over office door was taped to keep smoke from getting inside.
  • Finding ways to help locally are difficult since the word on the street is that so much stuff and help is on its way or already delivered that people are simply asked to donate money to the Red Cross.
  • However bad this is, it is no Katrina.  People can rebuild, and loss of life is low and the infrastructure for life down here in SoCal has not been destroyed like Katrina did.


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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