‘101 Dalmatians’ and other fun stuff…

Emilieethan101 Summer is a time for kids to do fun stuff.  The above picture was taken right after Emilie and Ethan, my two young creative talented offspring, performed in “101 Dalmatians” musical with the Redding Christian School Theater Arts group.  They did great.  Emilie played Anita and Ethan the dog catcher.  Ethan has the special privelege of dragging Cruella off the stage in his dog catchers net.


We love to go to the outdoors from time to time, seen here at Crystal Creek falls enjoying the cool water in comparison to the heat of Redding.


Emilie (far right) is away at Jr. High camp.  These are friends of hers and I miss her this week and feel rather old to have a teenager! I know, she is a looker, too.  I am in for big trouble.

All in all, this is mid-summer fun.  This post is mainly for my mom and in-laws who truly love their grandkids.  But, the rest of you of course appreciate this stuff on my blog.  The summer is going to be full of some exciting things that you need to stay tuned to find out about!

More summer to enjoy!  How’s the summer treating you?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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