The Police: don’t we all wish we could relive the past, but better?

Thepolicetour_4The famed band, The Police, are reuniting for a world tour.  Oh yeah, for most that is not news by now.  However, I find it facinating that here a group of guys actually get to relive the past, but better.  At least, that is how we all hope it is, including band leader Sting.  Here is what Sting says in a quote from Rolling Stone "A Fragile Truce":

Sting, who was the band’s dominant songwriter, is frank in explaining why he has reunited the Police and committed to a world tour that goes into next March: "to go back, retrace those steps and make the band better. I have played these songs for years. I know things about the music I didn’t know then or couldn’t express. I’m a better bandleader now than I was then."

I have always thought, like most I think would, that it might be great to relive the past with the wisdom and experience I have today.  I think of George Lucas who redid some special effects  when remastering his earliest Star Wars flicks.  Admit it, we all feel that need to redo something.

One thing I would love to redo is drinking too many chocolate shakes.  Anything you think of reliving but better?View this photo

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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