Vintage: a record player and an old piano


There is just something mystical about old musical instruments.  I am not into having all antiques in my home, but my wife’s family has been in the business of vintage from baseball memorabilia,  old LPs (long playing records) to classic furniture.  We were given by them an old Brunswick 78 RPM player that requires you to wind it up to play your albums.  (For those of under 30 who never had "albums" or "records" those are like the things hip hop dudes spin and scratch). 

Recently, a friend had to get rid of a precious piece of furniture and I was fortunate enough to benefit by getting a vintage 1888 upright grand piano. This thing is beautiful, even just for the wood.  It plays well, and even though a few ivory keys are broken, the character of this thing just moves me.

Instead of putting a musical instrument in my home, I have invited in a story.  Imagine what this piano went through to get to northern California on ship and by train and by stage coach.  Think of the years in the church it served leading worship, or the family that sang Christmas carols by it.  It kind of reminds me of the film The Red Violin (Le Violin rouge), but not so haunting, of course.

Vintage means story.  This piano is part of narrative, including the new music being played on it right now.  My creative juices are flowing.  The plot is moving forward. Funny how old things seem to help us create new things.

There is nothing new under the sun." – King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1)

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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