Pellegrini’s Restaurant in Redding: Great food!

Pelligrini’s is a Brazilian steakhouse that recently opened in Redding, CA. My wife and I had a wonderful time with our friends the Sletners.  Imagine tasty BBQ that is delivered and cut right at your table and a buffet that never stops.  You have a dial at each table with a green or red depending on whether or not you want the meat to keep coming or to have it stopped.  ALL you can eat, bros!  Lamb, brisket, pork and you name it.  And, it is all cooked to perfection in the authentic Brazilian "churrasco" style.  Of course, my friend and co-worker Erich Roehl and I had a taste of this style of eating in Chicago on a trip a couple years ago and I am grateful that Erich referred this place in Redding to me.  Tell a friend!  Try it out!

Pellegrini’s Brazilian Steakhouse, 40 Hartnell Ave, Redding, CA  96002, 530.221.4655

Here is a link to a recent article in our local paper:  Brazilian steak restaurant opens in Redding

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Rich Kirkpatrick

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