Day 2 re:create recap

Day 2 of re:create 2007 has finally ended.   Here is a recap of today. Dean Batali, a writer of “That 70s Show” shared with us about what it is like as a Christian working in Hollywood television.  Imagine being the only believer in a company.  I am inspired by the missional attitude that Dean seems to have.

Animator Tim Hodges (who worked for Disney and on Veggie Tales) showed us how to story board.  I hope to make my first film soon.  (Well, you never know.)

Markjribs One of the things that keeps me coming back is the time spent with these amazingly creative and intelligent people.  They come from all over.  Mark Jaffrey found this conference from my blog.  Mark is the fellow enjoying the pork rib in the above photo.  He lives in Egypt and is a worship director at an international Christian church there.  Since he lives in a Muslim country, his appetite for pork has been hard to please.  Today we took care of that. What a story this man of God and fellow worship leader has!  (See his blog here).

At dinner we went to Saffire and my wife and I visited with Bob Chambless and his wife.Chambless The food was amazing.  I had a lobster pasta dish, but was able to taste the prime rib and pork chop from neighbors at the table.  None of us finished our plates, but I did manage to clean off the dessert.

Cake_1 At dinner, Bebo Norman shared some songs.  I liked his presentation and songwriting.  Jon Abel and his songwriting pal shared some worship tunes to top off the evening.

Phew!  What a day.  I will post a photo gallery of all the people I have met soon.  Will I eat too much on day 3, too?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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