Art In The House: Songwriting, Art and Friends


Seated left to right:  Cameron Lewis, Rich Kirkpatrick, Josh Bollen and Susan Turner.

Dave Bollen, my re:create friend from Grass Valley, CA, invited me and some other songwriters to share our songs at an event entitled "Art In The House" Saturday night.  The lobby of his church (Twin Cities Church) was a perfect place, complete with an impressive coffee bar, cozy seats and a display of local visual art from area artists. 

Joshsinging The fellow songwriters were terrific and it was a blast to have a setting to simply share the song and why you wrote it to a group of people.  Each songwriter had his or her own style and flair.  Susan nearly made me cry with her song to her mom and the two young guys blew me away with there thoughtfulness and skill.  Watch out for Josh and Cameron!

Another treat was seeing Dave Bollen in his ministry setting and worshiping theMeetgreet_1

next morning with him and his fantastic worship team.  On top of that, my beautiful and stunning wife got to come with me.  There’s more.  We had a fantastic and edifying dinner and conversation with the Porters, friends from our ministry past.  They knew us back in our college days.  What great people!

Look for a copy of "Art In the House" sometime in the near future in Redding, CA.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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