We made the local paper…sort of

Well, Neighborhood Church of Redding has made the local paper…sort of.  There is an article that really sounds like us, minus a couple details.  The point of the article is the contrast between a small traditional church and a large modern church and how in a business sense the modern church is the one a hypothetical stockholder chooses for investment.  Besides that, the article mentioned a four-piece rock band with two background singers–just like my worship team–and that it was sort of fun.  Now, for that I hope he really is talking about my church.  The phrase heard spoken by yours truly that has sadly caused most controversy in my years of music ministry:  "It’s OK to have fun in church!"

A couple other strange occurrences with the news:  some photographer was taking pictures of our church signs in the parking lot this afternoon and we were called by a news agency wanting to do a story on us for FOX or ABC or something like that.  I’ll post when I get details.  Buzzworthy?

Here is a link to the Record Searchlight article below:

HT:  Record Searchlight, Marc Beauchamp: Traditional churches’ stock low as youth embrace new services

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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