Vacation Day 6-10: Final Non-Linear Wrap-Up!


Phew…2205 miles later, we are finally back home!  The last few days of our trip were great.  The mini-van held up.

  • Hollywood:  toured the Kodak Theatre, and bought rockstar sunglasses!
  • Saw Venice Beach–yuck (if you are not a hippie that is)
  • Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica–wow there is a lot of bank in LA.
  • Coffee with my friend Brad Hansen, a fantastic mentor, worship leader and friend.
  • Barely missing the San Diego Gay Pride Parade.
  • Cousins…my kids LOVE their cousins in San Jose and grandma with Home Town Buffet.
  • Cool Malls.  In fact, ALL OF SoCal IS A MALL!
  • Had Denny’s with our missionary friends Tim, Marilyn and their baby boys.
  • I actually lost weight on vacation!! (Miracles are possible).

The best thing about our trip was staying for a week in one place together.

What did you guys do with your family and friends this past summer?  Anything great to pass on to us.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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