“Purpose Driven Life: Can Rick Warren Change the World?”: Did you watch?

Rw_85x85_webDid you watch it?  Amazing.  Rick Warren’s vision is bigger than ever. And, yes, he is still a hero of mine, even though he has gained enough celebrity to rival Bono of U2. Here are the points that I appreciated while live blogging this evening:

  • “Less creeds more deeds.”  Warren says, “The Bible calls the Church the body of Christ  and for too long the hands and feet have been amputated and all we’ve been is just a big mouth and most the time we’re known for what we’re against.  I’d like to be known for what its (the Church) for, so lets start serving like Jesus”   This is so true.  Our evangelical heritage is full of concern, complaint and fearful speech.  We have not looked to the needs of the whole person. And have often been against more than we have been for.  Let’s be for people!
  • “I am not about money.  I’m a pastor and it is not a value to me”: This one really is great, of course if you can sell millions of books and donate 90%.  But, I think that the calling of a pastor is indeed different.  This was also articulated well when pressed about the political Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.  Warren says tactfully that we all have different callings.  Obviously his is not political. While some mega church pastors are hawking their own vitamins and health elixirs, Warren (and his wife) are about changed lives.
  • “AIDS is a human issue” Warren says when challenged about the fact that he chooses to work with AIDS activists while not supporting homosexual activity.  He was trying to differentiate between religious issues verses human issues.  I am not sure about the argument, except that we are meant as believers to be in the world and not of it.  His description is an application of this concept and a rather good one, it seems to me.
  • The evangelical church in the USA has ignored AIDS in general, and especially the pandemic in Africa:  Indeed.
  • AIDS, Rwanda trip , North Korea trip, the ambitious P.E.A.C.E. plan and The Purpose Driven Life.  Can Rick Warren change the world?  Why not.  Warren’s choice of epitaph:  “At least he tried.”

This is a must see if you are wondering who in the world this guy is and you are a leader in a church. You can order a DVD online at Foxnews.com.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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