Family Hike to Brandy Creek Falls

Img_1326 Brandy Creek Falls is a mere 1.5 mile hike…well, all uphill, of course.  Me and the family drove the dirt road to yet another falls in the Whiskeytown recreational area.  (Whiskeytown lake is about 15 minutes from Redding).  “Are we there yet” and “boy, my legs are tired dad” all melted when we finally reached the falls.  A memory for us all!  Yes, my son fell in one of the creek pools and after drinking from the creek, my daughter said, “dad, this is the best tasting water I have ever had!” The alligator lizard was neat as well as the beautiful landscapes.

One thing that is important are these little adventures a family does together. The talks on the way up and down were priceless.  The joy of accomplishing making it to the top was meaningful.  This hike was “moderate” on the official scale.  Next time we are going to be a bit better prepared with better shoes, and perhaps a snack and of course a hike that is not all uphill.  (That was the vote.)  However, a little challange on a Saturday morning like this was great for the kids.  Now, school begins on Monday….

Check out the PHOTO ALBUM from our excursion, here.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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