Crystal Creek Falls

Crystalcreekfalls2Crystal Creek Falls is a 50 foot waterfall off CA Highway 299, in the Whiskeytown Lake area.  Even though we are now in August when the snow melt is waning, the falls are spectacular.  I cannot wait to return either for the fun swim-holes or picnic opportunities.  There are two reasons why we picked this place:  it was on the list of "easy" hikes, and it was only a few minutes out of Redding.

The picture, from left to right, is my daughter Emilie, Eileen my mother-in-law, and Anthony my nephew.  What a refreshing morning we had together!  Yes, the water is cold.  After all, it is melted snow.  A return in late spring makes this place thunderous, from what I am told.  I can’t wait.  Of course, there are many falls yet to check out within an hour of Redding.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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