CriticThere will always be critics.  And, I think that critics are either good critics or bad critics.  The main difference is whether or not the critic has a view that is larger than him or herself.  When I become a critic, to keep myself honest, I have to ask the question as to whether I know enough of the global issues to raise a stink or if raising a stink is simply there to address my own wants without regard for the dominoes of raising havoc.  What is my goal in criticizing is one thing.  I need to go deeper and find out if what I am doing is strategic and timely as well.

Sometimes being critics means we do not necessarily want something deeper and truer, but that we are perhaps trapped in the vortex of narcissism.  Really, there is always more to the story.  This is why history is so important.  We can see if what we are facing is just us or if our brethren in the past experienced it, too.  If not, we are just whining.  And, our voices will have faint impact. 

I believe that the real felt need people have today has more to with getting away from feelings to trustworthy principles.  We want to get away from being manipulated by entertainment or marketing but feel trapped in it.  This generation is bored.  Boredom is the new disease. We need a cause and a purpose and meaning.  These anchor us in the winds of Madison Avenue and MTV and NASCAR and….

Since the blogosphere is rampant with critics, I am sure a few of you might chime in.

(I love this Norman Rockwell Classic, too, btw.)

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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