Classic Worship: A great day in our “Classic” worship venue


I spent the weekend filling in a bit for our "Classic" worship venue.  At Neighborhood Church in Redding we have three worship venues, two of them in a rented facilities adjacent to our church campus.  This has been quite an adventure running five weekend services with the added fun of three styles of worship!

Jeff Dodson is our Worship Producer for the Classic Venue and does an incredible job each week leading a team of worship leaders, vocalists, musicians and technical support people. (Thanks Jeff!)  When Jeff got sick this past week and ended up in the hospital for a day, I decided to be the keyboard guy for him.  Really, there could have been a couple others to fill in, but I was next in line for this week.

This meant that in addition to leading the worship in the Celebration Venue three times, I had the privilege of rehearsing and serving this great group of folks who are the more experienced in life crowd.  Most are about 50 and up in age who attend this service.

Our Classic venue is a blend of contemporary choruses and hymns done in a contemporary manner.  We use some older choruses, but the newest Tomlin songs can be found here as well.  This crowd may not like loud music, but they certainly want to be contemporary while holding on to some of the favorite hymns of the faith.  I am so glad we have a space for this group in our church and am thankful since there are some key leaders in my ministry that go to this service and love it!

Anyone else there juggling multiple sites or venues on a weekend?  I would love to chat. We may be embarking on our first "extension" campus very soon! (That is just a teaser for now until more is ready to be released!)

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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