Vacation Day 2: Worship at Sandals and THE Mall

Img_0593We had a blast hanging out with Carlos and Rob from Sandals Church in Riverside, CA.  These guys ROCK and I was really touched by the message that Neal preached that morning–especially the part about how suffering is part of being a believer.

After we hung out with the Sandals kool kats at Chipotles, we headed to one of the mother-of-all-malls malls–South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  The most fun we had was at the Apple store where my wife and I watched our kids (and joined in the fun) do the photobooth thing with the mac webcam.  Such fun.  The store employees were noticing our usually boisterous selves.

We topped off day two with a dinner at one of my favorite Texas restaurants that I could find inImg_0609 SoCal:  Z Tejas.  Mmmm good.  It reminds me of the good times we had in Austin.  The final thing we did before driving back to San Diego was to take a nostalgic walk on the San Clemente pier and eat espresso and ice cream.  (Remember the fireworks story?)  What a day!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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