Boast in God!

SoccerBOAST!  We introduced a new song to our church this past weekend.  "I Will Boast" by Paul Baloche is a great song, by the way.  What was fun this past weekend was how I introduced this song.  I mentioned that the USA tied Italy in the World Cup …silence ….crickets chirping.  Then I described that this World Cup thing is big and the the USA team is our team and that the tie means they are still in the World Cup!  A few claps and a couple hoots.  Cool. 

I then mentioned to them about this word, "boast."  In the scripture, the word "praise" means "to boast."  And, I shared how I get when my son is playing soccer on the field running in a clump with other little kids after the ball.  I go nuts.  I boast, "that’s my boy!."  Shouting, clapping and hooting and all sorts of bragging go on.  I asked if anyone could relate.  I got enthusiastic nods.  Well, needless to say, our caucasianly-challenged church almost went nuts.  Yes, we did have to practice a couple times to get the volume of boasting loud enough.  But, we did it.  And, the song was a blast!

I will make my boast in Christ alone!


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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