Worship Leaders’ Coffee!


This last Friday we had one of our first worship leader "coffees" at our home.  As host, I got to make frapps, caps and latte´s as well as mochas.  My foam was exceptional that night!  The sound of blenders and steaming foam made a great backdrop to the voices of worship leaders chatting and getting to know each other.  Of course, I love coffee.  So, a night of coffee and worship leaders is close to heaven!

In the above picture we have a representation of Neighborhood Church worship leaders for all our five worship services and three worship venues:  The Well, Classic and Celebration.  In total, we have about 10 people who lead and plan worship services.  The attempt in these coffees is to build relationships and unity as well as offer opportunities to coach and encourage these capable leaders.  The two guys on the ends are what we call "worship producers" who each along with me help coach and oversee a worship venue.

We talked about a lot of stuff and had a great discussion.  The song I shared with them and discussed was "A Greater Song" by Matt Redman and Paul Baloche.  Psalm 66 includes the phrase "make His praise glorious."  I encouraged our worship leaders to make the praise of God a glorious thing at Neighborhood Church.  Often we can lose track and get stuck in the details of putting on 52 weeks of services.  As people who are more creative, I shared Babbette’s quote from the movie "Babbette’s Feast" where Babbette says after her feast "an artist’s hope is that he can do his best just once in his life."  Indeed, as worship leaders we can connect the desire to sing a "greater song" with the passion to "make His praise glorious."  Basically, we should never settle.  There is always a better way to say something.  There is a better song. A greater song.

Anyway, it is a joy to be a part of a community of worship leaders who lead worship in a multi-generational church!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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