Kyle Lake: A tragic death, a movie and a lawsuit

KylelakeKyle Lake, as you may remember, died a tragic death while in a baptistry at his local church.  This young dad and pastor has a movie being made about him.  Check that out here:  Kyle’s Film.  The trailers are moving and I am sure this is going to be something worth seeing.

Another twist in this saga is that the family of Kyle Lake is suing the contractor who installed the heater for the baptistry at his church.  Allegedly, some faulty workmanship is what caused the accident.  This just adds to the drama in kind of a surreal way.  Check out discussion at Monday Morning Insight on this (Update on Kyle Lake tragedy).

Indeed, this is a tragedy.  How do you see God using this for His glory?

HT: for Kyle’s Film to BabuLife and RagamuffinSoul
HT: for the lawsuit story to Monday Morning Insight

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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