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I love coffee and a good cappuccino as well.  The above picture is of the drink I made early this morning.  I used beans roasted by Peets Coffee (Espresso Forte) and 2% milk frothed to 161 degrees Fahrenheit.  The timing has to be right.  The beans have to be right.  The machine has to make the water temp and steam pressure right.  I use a Starbucks Barista machine.  I save a lot of money by making coffee for me and my wife at home.  It is also fun to serve friends good espresso!

However, there comes the time when even I need to go out and get a cup of coffee.  Redding, California has more coffee houses and drive-throughs per cap than Seattle with about 1 shop per every 3,500 residents!  People here are addicted to caffeine and it seems every day that a new coffee shop opens it’s doors.  So, I am going to give you my Top 5 places in Redding for good coffee.

  1. House blend at Yaks or their Iced Mocha is amazing.  I love Yaks, located at 3274 Bechelli Ln, Redding.  The decor is the best and there is free wi-fi to enjoy with my coffee.  Besides this, the Vineyard City Church runs this place, so the service is excellent.  I love their cinnamon roll or their maple scone. Yummy!  Plus, I get to say hi to some great people there.
  2. House blend at Breaking New Grounds (1320 Yuba St, Redding)–always good.  Another local fav or mine with outstanding decor and free wifi.  Service is with a smile.  It feels like home.
  3. Christmas blend or a dry cappuccino at Starbucks (1 of 4 locations in Redding), 1030 E. Cypress Blvd.  I have to say that I really like the Christmas blend and since this is the closest Starbucks to my home and office that has a drive-through, I must put it up.  Also, I am bound to run into someone I know!  I have to PAY for wi-fi.
  4. Triple Torture over ice at Dutch Bros. (2221 Churn Creek Road, Redding).  This is a great drive-though in the summer and I love the employees who sing at the top of their lungs and bring cheer. 
  5. House blend at Sues Java Cafe (1712 Churn Creek Road, Redding).  This place has excellent roasts as well as decent food, too.  The decor is not as nice as the others, but I like sitting outside anyways when I go to Sue’s.

Well, there you have it.  My kitchen, of course, is still #1!  If you come over, I certainly will make a cup of coffee you would be glad to drink.  Other Redding coffee shops can be found at this link.

What is your favorite coffee place in Redding (or your town)?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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