Hymns and Hymnals Really are Passe These Days

An ASSOCIATED PRESS article with a reference to the People’s Church caught my eye.  My friend and guru of all things creative in the church Randy Elrod was even quoted.  So, kudos to Randy, Chad and you guys in Franklin!  (Or, "y’all" in Franklin…to be more correct.)

Anyway, it states what many of us in church music know to be true:  music is becoming more and more modern, leaving hymnals in favor of projection screens.  So, this is nothing new to us, but when you hear that the number of churches that use EMI CMG stuff (ala Worshiptogether.com with Crowder, Tomlin, Redman, etc.) doubles in 10 years you know something big is happening.  I guess it is big enough that mainstream media is talking about.

Here is the article, by the way:  Bringing Modern Worship Songs from the Industry to the Church.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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