Easter Report: Neighborhood Church

Well, it is Thursday and I am finally giving a report about how our Easter went at Neighborhood Church.  First thing right out of the chute is that we did it–"it" being our first Easter with 3 venues of worship and a 4th venue we called "Video Cafe´".  For the past couple of years we have gone to Simpson University.  Here are some bullets:

  • Over 100 books were given out to "new believers" or folks who were told that is what they were for.  We assume that some were just friends of new believers, but also assume quite a few were for real!
  • We had 264 attend our Video Cafe´and the reports so far from folks is that they loved it.  (We have never done anything like this before!).  I liked it, too!  My wife and I both thought it felt like a church plant.  Imagine that in a church of almost 2000?
  • The music rocked in all our venues!  The Classic service was tops with an ensemble and at the Celebration "My Savior God" by Aaron Shust and sung by Mike was a hit.  The Well had a testimony, instead of "special music" and the report is that it was very impacting.
  • Our total adult attendance in worship services was 2074.  While this is a bit lower than last year’s total, we know that the difference was that we had a kids program going on that was well attended.  (Over 260 kids elementary and under).
  • Here is the breakdown for adult attendance in the worship services:
    • Saturday  5:30 PM  CELEBRATION    400
    • Saturday  5:30 PM  VIDEO CAFE´      58
    • Sunday  8:00 AM    CLASSIC            169
    • Sunday  9:00 AM    CELEBRATION     471
    • Sunday  9:00 AM    VIDEO CAFE´      95
    • Sunday  10:30 AM   THE WELL        153
    • Sunday  10:45 AM  CELEBRATION    617
    • Sunday  9:00 AM    VIDEO CAFE´     111
  • Pastor Bill G. gave a hilarious but poignant illustration using Tony Soprano.  I loved it!  Of course, he could not resist playing the Italian card when appropriate.
  • My daughter made a documentary film about Easter services and is using the footage as part of her science project on taking surveys.  She mapped attendance.  Emilie has it in her blood!

So, there you have it.  I am especially proud of our media and technical ministry people.  These servants are not on a stage, but hidden behind mixers, cameras and other devices.  We have more people supporting the people behind the scenes in our three venues (four on Easter) then we have actually on the stage.  There job is to not be noticed.  Thanks Les and team!

Pictures coming!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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