Beans that Don’t Toot: Scientists Make Flatuence-Free Beans


Beans, beans, there good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you…..and then silence. 

Scientists have made a bean that is flatulent free.  I am not sure why, but here is what the team leader has to say who made this new bean.

The team led by Marisela Granito said: "Given that flatulence is one of the main limiting factors for the consumption of this important foodstuff, the implementation of processes which allow for nutritious and non-flatulence-producing beans to be obtained would be interesting."

I have never had this problem.  I mean the problem of flatulence limiting my consumption of beans.  Frijoles!  I love them.  Oh well.

She [Dr Frankie Phillips] added: "Despite the obvious social concerns, there is no physiological harm from the flatulence caused by eating beans and other legumes, and considerable nutritional benefits from eating them owing to fibre content as well as a wide range of other nutrients and phytonutrients."

Read the whole article on BBC News:  Experts make flatulence-free bean

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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