NEW CD: A Greater Song by Paul Baloche

April 4 street date release of Paul Baloche’s A GREATER SONG.

Cd_greater_song_blueI am glad that earlier this year I was able to hear some of these songs in person with Paul Baloche.  I also met Glen Packiam, one of the collaborators on this CD.  These guys have great hearts.

I love this album, from top to bottom.  I get a great feel and sense of God’s presence singing along with this CD. The songwriting and collaboration obviously tuned this recording a notch above most worship stuff you might hear out there.  The productions feels more live than a lot of Integrity stuff in the past.  It is good, but not too "polished", if you know what I mean.

The songs!  I would feel comfortable doing all these songs in my church–especially the fast and loud ones.  I have done one already (Your Name) and am glad to see that has the charts available with audio samples of the songs.

I give this album my max props, whatever that means.  For worship music in the local church, it fills a nice spot.  And, I am personally encouraged by listening and singing out loud with it in my own private worship.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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