Escaping the Creative Ghetto

BehindthescrnHere is a great article at Christianity Today’s site that has been adapted from a book I am reading entitled Behind the ScreenThe article is "Escaping the Creative Ghetto".  I had the chance to hear one of the editors share with a group in Franklin, TN (yes that re:create group).  Indeed, we as Christians need to escape the creative ghetto.  Barbara Nicolosi wrote this article and is one of the editors of this great book.  Here is a quote.

It’s not that Christians aren’t making stabs at moviemaking and television production. It’s that most of these efforts come to naught because our fears and misconceptions have us standing on the sidelines, cursing and boycotting and begging for favors from the pagans who have paid their dues and have the power to green-light stories for the screen.

The whole church needs to brood over what it means to be the Patron of the Arts in a post-Christian setting. We need to wrangle over how best to nurture our young artists and media professionals, and how to maximize the influence of those Christians with talent and charisma. But first of all, we need to figure out what success in Hollywood will look like for the Christian community. What does a Christian worldview mean in entertainment, and will our own brothers and sisters in the church recognize it when our artists start producing it?

Go get this book.  We need to reclaim the arts.  We need to consider, as Christians, how to see a day when we allow our brightest and best creatives to soar and make their mark for Christ.

Read Barbara’s full article here.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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