State of Union verses State of the Church

I wish I could have sat in the galley at the State of Union.  Perry Noble, a local church pastor, was there and shared some powerful thoughts. Perry Noble’s blog entry, My Perspective On The State of the Union, and was reminded deeply within me the call God has on my life for the local church.  There is a lot of chatter these days to degrade the importance of the local church here in our USA.  Here is a quote from his entry:

It’s the church–NOT the government–that is the most powerful institution on the planet. I felt as if God were saying to me in the gallery, “Perry, what you guys are doing at NewSpring [Perry’s local church] will last for thousands of years…it’s even more important than what is happening here.”

Wow.  I am blown away by these words and cheer along with Perry!  Don’t give up on the local church.  While the local church is not perfect, our impact is eternal and our mission is the heart of God.

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Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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