DAY 3 of re:create 2006

Img_0328Mathew West led worship this morning and shared his songs and heart.  What a great guy and what talent.

We spent the middle of the day at Vanderbilt Center for Better Health in a "think-act tank" room.  This experience used brainstorming techniques developed by MG Taylor Corporation.  Our group tasted the process that major healthcare providers, doctors, policymakers and patients engage there.  The rooms  immediately configure to whatever is needed.

In the later afternoon we heard from the creative arts staff of The People’s Church–a local church in Franklin, TN.  Dustin, their visual guy, is an out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to doing so much with so little resources to create a visually impacting environment.  What a great staff Randy Elrod has assembled.

Img_0333 Our meal at Tayst in Nashville capped off another great day with an appetizer of shrimp cheesecake, made with goat cheese.  Truly, this one dish preambled joy for the taste buds in just the right manner.  I had the chef’s special salad and then as the entree the pork lion with sausage-stuffed apple.  The chocolate tort for dessert was, well…guess.  What made this meal even better was friends and meaningful conversation about life and ministry.

That is it for tonight…only one day left!  Check out the photo album.



Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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