Sony Rootkit Aftermath: “RAGE” and lawsuits

Another story about the Sony BMG spyware debacle tells of the aftermath. In Rolling Stone magazine, we read that the state of Texas is suing and fans are angry, even blaming their favorite bands. Consumers are scared that CDs are pulled, making retailers upset and worried that sales will be slow. The idea of copyprotection really is a good idea, in my opinion. The way Sony BMG has devalued the consumer will sour the public’s view of legitimate copyprotection schemes. Pretty much everyone is mad. Sony BMG’s war against music piracy backfired in spectacular fashion, as consumer fury over intrusive copy-protection software on the company’s CDs has led to lawsuits alleging that the discs damaged users’ computers and violated their privacy. The attorney general of Texas and consumer-advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation each filed suits on November 21st; the EFF’s complaint accuses Sony BMG of creating “serious security, privacy and consumer-protection problems,” while the Texas suit invokes a state anti-spyware law to demand as much as $100,000 for each CD used in the state….

Read more in Rolling Stone: Sony XCP Bomb Sparks Rage: Artists, managers, fans angered by copy-protection software snafu.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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