Sony BMG CDs Invade Computers with Spyware

First we find out about the fact that iTunes will no longer encode Sony/BMG CDs. Now, there is more to worry about. In the heat to copy protect, Sony has inarguably crossed the line–legally, ethically and morally. How does this sound. Play your CD from Sony/BMG and get a trojan-horse program that the corporation created to conceal files on Windows machines. (Boy am I glad I have a Mac, but that is beside the point.) In Wired Magazine’s online edition we find a news article revealing this sinister attempt to get in your machine. Basically the program changes the operating system to not recognize files with a certain name. Yes, it changes the way your operating system works.

Read the full Wired Magazine article: The Cover-Up is the Crime

Another article of note about this from Sony Ships Sneaky DRM Software

Yet another source of news for this from MacWorld UK: Sony ships spyware CDs

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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