Ingredients for Effective Multi-site Churches

Over at Multi-Site Revolution there is a list of the ingredients that make up an successful multi-site church. As our ministry embarks on a video venue at the school we rent adjacent to our property, we are chewing on these things. Here are the “Five Keys” listed. What do you think? Five Keys

  1. A Senior Pastor driven vision for multi-site
    In order for a church to truly become one church in many locations multi-site has to be the Senior Leader’s passion.

  2. The right campus pastor(s)
    No amount of technology, marketing or effort can replace having a leader who embraces the vision and builds the teams to see the vision happen.

  3. The right environment
    From location, to worship leaders to children’s ministry, effective campuses must create compelling enviroments

  4. Finances that make sense
    Jesus said that before building a tower a wise man will count the cost. This is especially true of multiple campuses. Successful multi-site churches have figured out they can sustain the vision.

  5. Stoke the fire
    Offsite campuses are like children; they need to be loved, cared for, and encouraged. Site visits, pep talks and all expense paid trips to the central office all help keep the fire burning.

Read the original article and visit the site here: Five Keys to an Effecitive Multi-site Church.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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