Ibanez Guitars: AW200ECEVV and PF15MS Reviewed

If you are looking for decent acoustic guitars, there are quite a few good options out there. I have found a surprise in Ibanez acoustic guitars. The two models I am involved with are an acoustic-electric, Model AW200ECEVV, I bought to lead worship with, and, an acoustic dreadnought that I bought for my daughter, Model PF15MS. I purchased my guitar at Guitar Center in San Jose, CA and purchased my daughters guitar at Sam Ash Music in Nashville, TN. AW200ECEVV: The Artwood series offers a great selection. I played various models in the price range and loved the AW200CEVV right away. I went through almost every guitar in the shop. It has nice action and a good feel for the neck, with nice brass Grover tuners. I love the quilted maple look and antique-type finish and of course the sound works for me. The brightness from the maple is great for worship strumming, sounding light yet cutting through the mix. Through the amp, you experience the Fishman pickup and EQ. I used Elixar strings, but have found that phospherous bronze sound the best for me. Unplugged, I enjoy the sound and have recorded both miking the hole/’neck and through the pickup with success.

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PF15MS: My daughter was graduating from a starter guitar and I wanted to give her something that would sound nice and be adeqaute for her from her 10th birthday to high school graduation and beyond but not break the bank. The PF15MS was one of many guitars I played in the Sam Ash showroom in Nashville. The Professional series is affordable for what you get. I played Martins and Taylors that were more expensive but for some reason the sound of this guitar stood out. In its price range, it was the clear winner. My daughter loves blue, so the finish was perfect and the neck feels good. She loves it and since purchasing it I have heard her plucks and strums increase, which happens when any musician upgrades to a real instrument.

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List $857 ($600 to 650 retail) for the AW200ECEVV List $300 ($210 to 250 retail) for the PF15MS

Overall, I feel no buyers remorse for either guitar. Good quality at reasonable prices equal a happy musician.


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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