Sony BMG Recalls the “Rootkit” CDs & Macs are not safe either

The tide has turned. Now, Sony is actually recalling the CD’s with the “rootkit” sercurity threat. Wired magazine shares that news here: Sony Folds Tent, Recalls CDs. It is unbelievable that over 500,000 people are at risk. Read this same news from CNET here: Sony recalls risky ‘rootkit’ CDs.
The recall is great news, but as my friend Tim commented on my last posting, Macs are not safe. Being a Mac guy (several machines at home for music, kids homework and my office uses Macs) I am checking this out.

Read this article from Extreme DRM and its links provided by Tim (thanks Tim!): Sony’s DRM Rootkit Comes in Mac Flavor, Too. In this article, there is evidenced a CD that contains a program that launches and then asks to install. What it installs are two extensions that are reported to be copyprotecting. I have no problem with the idea of copyprotection, just that this is all so sinister and that it degrades the security of one’s computer. I fished through my extension files and found out that I am clean from the two extensions mentioned. But am I safe?

If any of you have more information about this, please let me know.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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