Wi-Fi Everywhere in San Francisco

Google will offer free wireless internet to San Francisco. Here is what CNET News.com wrote. Asked to explain why Google has submitted a proposal to provide the city of San Francisco with free wireless Internet service, Schmidt said the plan arose out of work several engineers did on a system that would allow companies to make money offering such a service. "It’s an interesting experiment," he said. "If it scales and if it is successful, we think it’s going to be very good for the world." Read more.

We see that this wireless ides may fit into Google’s plan to organize the worlds information, which according the Google’s president will take 300 years. Only 15 of 175 terabyts are currently catalogued. Here is a quote from Wired magazines website:

If Google is picked for the San Francisco project, it would provide a testing ground for a national Wi-Fi service — something that many industry observers believe the company is pondering as a way to ensure people can connect to its search engine anytime, from just about anywhere.

"It makes sense for Google," said Chris Winfield, who runs a search engine marketing firm, 10e20. "They say their mission is to organize the world’s information, so the logical next step is to provide the access to it." Read more.

It is interesting to note that our culture is getting more and more connected in technology yet our relationships are not necessarily deepened. The cultural consequence of everyone online is still vague. But, we can be assured that we have not seen anything yet. Greater change is coming.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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