Symbols Mean Something?

In Edward Moyer’s CNET story today, Does ‘@’ stand for ‘pig’s tail’ or ‘strudel’?, we see how symbols mean something, but not the same thing to all. In our global village created by technology, it is interesting to see how something that seems so ordinary to an American would become ordinary to the world. The only difference is that what it is called really shows how far from being one village we are. Ed Moyer wrote the following as his favorite international translations of “@”: • In Dutch it’s called, among other things, the apestaart, or “monkey’s tail.”

• The Danish call it the snabel, or “elephant’s trunk,” and sometimes the grisehale, or “pig’s tail.”

• The French have been known to refer to @ as the petit escargot, or “little snail,” and

• in Hebrew, some call it the shtrudl, or “strudel.”

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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