The Joy of Tree Ordinances

In my beautiful city of Redding, California there is a common debate us people out west have. Trees. [See our local paper’s article from today by clicking here.] Should we not cut any tree that is over 6 inches in diameter or what? I feel so regulated that I think I may never need to eat fiber again. After picking up one of my co-workers this morning at the smog station I was reminded how insane we are in California. In Connecticut, my friend tells me, you can simply get a smog test passed by the results on your tailpipe. Is it clean, or not? Here, you have to have a list that proves it is being achieved correctly—at least according to the state bureaucrats. Now, trees of course are the reason. They after all need to breath the cleaner carbon monoxide from our vehicles. And, when they are a mere 6 inches they are protected more than a historical landmark.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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