NBC Reality Show Targets Church Folk

The new NBC reality show, ” Three Wishes, ” targets the red-state, church going, suburbanite. Amy Grant, you know the famous Christian pop singer, will host the show and even is heard singing in the show. It seems that the media so famous for content objectionable to Christian church people now is going after them. Is this business or a change of heart? (I must warn you that I am sarcastic at times.) Well, I believe that this shows not the good intentions of the corporation NBC, but that they indeed have a chance to make a lot of dough off of us impressionable Christians. After all, it was people in these red-states that voted for Bush. The marketing efforts are grassroots with the pilot being sent to local churches and with $1-bills with stickers on them being handed out–$150,000 worth!

What I fear from people who don’t think is that our church going population might get the impression that just because they are being catered to that their concerns really matter to the people putting on these shows. I love ” Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and do tear up at it. But, I know that ABC and Sears really are getting a lot out of their image of charitableness.

I am glad that good works actually can make a profit. So, I support these shows and am truthfully not completely cynical about the intentions of individuals coming up with the creative ways to give to others. What if our churches actually did three wishes or home makeovers? I think our offerings may actually be higher than not.

See this New York Times article for more information.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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