For Dutch Babies Big Brother meets the Beast

Every day and somewhere in Europe we find that Big Brother and the Beast (the end times evil dictator) are already at work. Just so you know, I think these are one in the same but I must say that I love technology, so I do not believe that computers are evil. The people who use them may be, however. So, when the Dutch government set up a database that tracks a baby at birth I have a problem. Imagine our government having in one place our medical, tax, school and police records. It can happen here, folks. Somehow the Dutch feel that truancy problems warrant they have access to everything about a child. When these kids grow up, anything and everything the government wants can be put into the file–especially these “warnings” or “red flags” from school, police and other officials. Why is truancy of students an issue of the national-level government?

The idea of a “Citizen Number” may sound good, but I love the federalist structure of America. We have people closer to us who live in our cities who keep birth records and who levy local taxes. Our states and their laws add a level, too, of protection and privacy where medical records remain private domains from the government. Only when these do not work and the overall national interest is in trouble do we then rely on the federal level to legislate solutions and protections. At least, this how it is supposed to work.

For more, read this link to Wired Magazine where I got the AP story from this morning.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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