America No Longer Refuge for Religiously Persecuted?

In Christianity Today, an article entitled “US Court Calls for Deportation of Chinese Christian” we see how America may no longer be the place for the religiously persecuted. A Chinese “house church” pastor named Xiaodong Li met in homes to sing and read scripture. Since they did this without the the state of China’s approval, Mr. Li was arrested. Li, through a series of amazing circumstances, made it to the US and claimed asylum as one religiously persecuted. Our government took it upon themselves to declare the matter legal, not moral in judging the case and sided with the Chinese government since they felt China had a right to enforce social order.

This is amazing since our nation has historically been a place where the religiously persecuted could come and find freedom to worship. How is it that we can erode so far that even this current Administration’s US Attorney General’s Office sided with the Chinese? How this will impact the future is not clear. This simply does not make sense. We need to pray for this man and the many that are in his situation and call on our government to change its position and recognize religious persecution whether it comes from a trading partner or not.

To read further, check out the ADF (Alliance Defense Fund) site where you can find the transcript for this. The facts in the case are not in dispute as to how Mr. Li was treated. Interrogation, harassment and physical abuse occurred.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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